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My Colorful Treasures Web Design & Development is a web design, website development, graphic design, SEO, & hosting firm that specializes in colorful affordable professional custom one of a kind web & graphic designs and so more! We offer it all!

little title flower Important FAQs...
If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us.

little title flower Q: What do I need to know about starting an online business?
A: Do you dream of having a business of your own and wonder about all of the things you might need to know, but you don't know who to ask or what to ask? If so, before you take the first step in starting a business, please read my article "What You Need To Know About Starting An Online Business". It will give you an inside look into what to do or not to do when creating your online business especially where business websites are concerned! We hope this article will give you a good sense of where to begin and what to do.

little title flower Q: What type of category menu systems are available?
A: We currently offer 6 custom created website category menu styles to choose from:

Menu Style Choice #1 (the button drop down menu)

Menu Style Choice #2 (the button menu)

Menu Style Choice #3 (the link drop down menu)

Menu Style Choice #4 (the link menu)

Menu Style Choice #5 (the side button link menu)

Menu Style Choice #6 (the side button link menu)

little title flower Q: What steps are taken when you are creating a website?
A: Several steps are taken during a website creation. I have listed them below:

Step #1: Choosing A Domain Name
You will need a domain name for your website. A domain name is a registered address or name for your website. There are many options for domain name extensions. Some examples are: .com, .net, .info, .biz or .org. When choosing a domain name, please be mindful of SEO. Pick a domain name that directly represents your company which will help you reach a higher ranking in the search engines. Owning your domain name restricts others from using your business name & it also adds the address to your name so internet users can find your website. You may also use a domain that you already own from somewhere else that's not from the below suggested domain companies to use.

We ask that you purchase & chose your own domain name. We would like to recommend for purchasing your domain name. The cost will be appx. $9.99 per year. When you purchase your domain name, please include your keywords that you want to be found in the search engines for in your domain name as that will help your website a lot with SEO (search engine optimization) and your ranking in the search engines. To have success in the search engines, add keywords to your domain name.

Step #2: Choosing A Category Menu Style
You will need to choose a website menu style that suits you best! You currently have 6 menu styles available to pick from! Each menu style is custom created from scratch by us! If you are only going to have a few pages, then menu style #'s 2, 4, 5, & 6 would work best for you! If you need alot of website pages then menu style #'s 1, 3, 5, & 6 would work best for you! If you plan to have more then 3 rows of categories, we'd be happy to custom create a cascading drop down menu for you! As you can see, we always custom create websites with our clients specific needs in mind!

Step #3: Choosing A Color Scheme & Design Template
You will need to choose what you would like for a color scheme, background (striped, polka dotted, plaid, scroll, stars, etc), & fonts! That's right! You have a choice! We will pull you into every aspect of the creation of your website! We offer very chic, elegant, hip, affordable, professional website designs that you won't find any where else! Before you decide on a color scheme etc, we would like to ask that you take a look at our design templates to see some of the designs we currently offer so you can get some ideas of what you would like to have for your custom website design template!

If you would like to use one of the design templates we currently offer, please let us know! Please let us know if you see anything on the design templates that you like so that we can incorporate it into your website design! You can even mix and match any of the design templates that we offer! Your custom designed website will be created from scratch with your specific wants & needs in mind! No cookie cutters here!

Step #4: The Creation Of The Complete Website
Once we have created your custom website design template, category menu system, & implemented the layout structure of the website, we will provide you a "peeka boo" link so that you can watch the progress & the implementing that goes into creating your complete custom designed website! We will first create your home page & ask you to approve it! Once the home page design, menu system, & layout structure of the website has been approved, we will then start creating the rest of your website pages so that we can start adding all of the products, services, images, content, descriptions, prices, & shopping cart to your website!

While we are creating your template design, menu, & layout structure... you will need to decide which and how many pictures & products you plan to carry on your website! You will need to decide how you want the products to be titled & write up descriptions for each of your products. You will need to write up any text content you want to be placed in your website pages. When creating your content for your web pages please keep your keywords in mind that you want to be found in the search engines for! This will help with your SEO. Please also remember when you are providing the content for your web pages to personalize your website! Show your personality within your web pages! A website is an entity of who you are! It will allow those who have not yet met you, to see who you are inside! Make your website interesting to visitors!!

Step #5: Shopping Cart Set Up & PayPal
We create websites that use the PayPal shopping cart system. PayPal is known for only allowing it's shopping cart users two drop downs & no coupons; however, we have created scripts that will allow our clients to offer as many options as they want and even offer coupon discount codes they can give to their customers. Our custom scripts allow us to combine all options before the customer gets to the PayPal check out section. In case you don't know, PayPal is the most secure on-line money system available! PayPal accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, bank account, PayPal account funds) and your customers are NOT REQUIRED to have a PayPal account to purchase from you! Your customers would just use their credit card like any other online pay system, it will just be processed through PayPal. PayPal automatically encrypts ALL confidential information using a Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL)! The regular http:// address turns into https:// which means it's SECURE!

You will need a PayPal account to accept payments automatically through your website. If you don't already have a free PayPal account, click here to sign up for one. Please read more about payments here!

Step #6: Hosting
We offer very affordable and reliable hosting for all of your hosting needs! Our hosting cost is only $45 a year. We are fast in creating our client's hosting accounts, we are super affordable, always reliable, and we offer the best hosting support around. We pride ourselves in offering our clients the very best! I try very hard to give my clients the best deal for their money! I offer experience so that my clients can have exactly what they want for their business! We will always be here to support you in all of your web needs!

Step #7: Take The Time To Promote Your Business
It is so important to promote your business website! SEO alone is just simply not enough to make your website a true success! Many people think that because they have a website and great products as soon as they go "live" on the web and are open for business that people will just automatically come... even flock to their website and start buying! This is not at all what happens. To be completely honest, it takes time and alot of work to build a business and your customer base! After you have created your products, created a beautiful website, completed the organic SEO needed... you then have to wait for the search engines to rank you! This could take from 1 day to 3 months depending on how the search engines want to do their job. While you are waiting to be indexed by the search engines and especially after you have been indexed... you will need to spend alot of time spreading the word about your business and the products you offer! It can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to start seeing regular sales depending on what you offer, how competitive your niche is, and the customer demand for what you offer! SEO is essential to every business, but it's not the only thing a business owner should rely on! We all need to be realistic when it comes to having a business and what it really entails. Success is out there... you just have to take the time and do the work needed to be able to reach up and grasp it!

For more info on promoting your site, please read my article "Top 20 Ways To Promote Your Website"!

Other important articles you should also read...
"Why SEO Is Crucial" and "Why Link Exchanges Are Important"

little title flower Q: Will I own my domain name & my website or will it belong to you?
A: All of our clients own their domain name and their website along with all of their website property! Period! We will happily maintain your website for you, but your domain name and website is all yours!

little title flower Q: I purchased one of your newsletter design templates, but how do I use it?
A: Using our simple 6 step newsletter design templates is super easy! This is what you do...
1.) Look at the email that contains the newsletter template I sent you... Click forward. (Forward it because hitting reply will put funky lines in the email body that you don’t want there and forwarding keeps all lines out.)

2.) Once you click forward.... you will have an open version of the template. PLEASE do not touch anything above the top line or below the bottom line across the newsletter as those area’s could be messed up.

3.) Currently your title is “Grand Opening”... so you will need to type the title of what you want to talk about in the "Grand Opening" title. In other future newsletter emails you will want to type another title.

4.) Place your text! Simply click in the text field where it says “please fill in this area.” You will want to write whatever you want to write there. Fonts and colors have already been set. Just start writing.

5.) If you need additional titles and text..... just copy what’s there, click enter and paste..... and then fill in the title area with a new title and replace the text with the new text. It's that simple!

6.) Now you are ready to send your newsletter! Your own email address should go into the "TO:" section. All of your contacts/newsletter subscriber's email addresses should be placed in the "BCC:" section as it is YOUR responsibility to safe guard your contacts email addresses. "BCC" keeps your contacts safe so that no one can take any of your contacts emails addresses and use it for their own purposes. Always "BCC"! Never put your contacts email addresses in the "TO:" or "CC:" sections!

{ ** Please Note: ** } If your newsletter design template gets messed up... please do not worry!
We always have the original template so we can email it to you again.

little title flower Q: My business is small & our products are not sold online, do I still need a website?
A: Yes, if you have a business, no matter if it's online or offline, you should have a website. Period. No question. Without a doubt! Not only do you need a website... but you have to have a professional looking website if you want to be taken seriously. Since many consumers now search for information online prior to making a purchase at an offline store, your website may be the first chance you have at making a really good first impression on a potential buyer. If your website looks like it was designed by someone without experience, your chance at making a good first impression will be lost!

little title flower Q: Should I choose a site builder or have a website created for me by a webmaster?
A: You will need to decide which is going to work best for you and what you want for your business. Having a site builder and having a website created specifically for you are two very different experiences. Alot of business owners think about going the site builder route because most people don't know where to go to get a website created specifically for them or they don't want to spend the money that it costs to get a website created for them. Many want to go the free or low budget route but either one of those avenues are not going to look professional enough to allow a business to go forward and grow... so it often becomes a loss right from the start. A website is a gateway to all of the people you have not yet met... so you need to see a website as a very important business investment!

A LOT of people have trouble starting a business with a site builder. Most people who have site builders... do not own their site builders. They typically rent the site builder each month. If this is the case, they don't own their website. The person (company) they rent from owns it. Most web companies do not support you after a site builder purchase has been made. Often, the web companies don't even take the time to really teach their users how to work the site builder! Too many people get left to struggle with site builders ALONE. With site builders you have to do everything yourself. You have to have the knowledge or skills to be able to add your own pages, directories, shopping cart buttons, products, etc. You name it... you have to do it yourself. Site builders are also very limiting in everything they offer. You can't pick which kind of menu you will have. You can't add features that are not provided by the site builder! Unfortunately, because site builders are very limiting... they cause a huge amount of unnecessary frustration and stress for their users (business owners).

Many of our clients tried the site builders and decided that it wasn't for them! They decided it was more convenient and less stressful to have a webmaster create a website for them. When you have a website created for you by your webmaster... none of the above site builder issues happen. The web world becomes your oyster and your choices and options become almost endless! You must have a webmaster that is experienced and is able to give you all the things you might want for your business! You as the owner of the website... get the say in how the website is created, designed, & structured! Everything! You tell the developer what they want and the webmaster gets it done... without you having to deal with the stress of struggling with your site builder to get these things accomplished. You give the webmaster the information you want to add to the site and they do it for you. You then get to concentrate on your networking, selling your products, getting your business name out there without having to worry about the website. Webmasters are fairly inexpensive and are very valuable. It is also very important that you find a webmaster that knows SEO and who can get you up in the search engines. SEO is very important and if you don't get your website into the search engines... you will be missing out on a lot of traffic and business that you could be getting.

Many website companies will offer to buy your domain (URL) for you and they often offer domain, site builder, & hosting package combos as well! THIS IS A TRAP that alot of business owners fall into! Do NOT allow this because that means they own your domain name and your website and you don't! Down the road, if you chose to leave them and want to take your website and domain with you... you can't! You will be forced to stay with them or you will have to start all over! After spending alot of time building your business... this could be a huge blow to you! You don't want to have to go through this in the future so please be careful!!! You have to protect yourself... because not everyone is going to be honest with you!! You always want to make sure that you own of all of your business property!

If you would like to know more about the differences between having a webmaster and a site builder, please read my article "Old Fashioned Coding vs Do It Yourself Site Builders".

little title flower Q: Why should I hire you over a big corporation?
A: You should hire us over the "big guys" because we can offer you something they can't... pesonality and personal one on one service! The big guys create designs that look plain and sterile... where we can offer you a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will command alot of attention and make people say WOW! We offer our clients alot of experience and a huge varity of abilities. We also offer outstanding customer service for the fraction of the price the "big guys" charge! We pride ourselves in offering our clients the very best!

We are very experienced & skilled in all of the services that we offer so that our clients can have exactly what they want for their businesses! We will work our hardest to give you a design that reflects your business & your personality as well as make sure that your website, blog, etc meet your business needs!

We will listen to your wants & needs and then deliver what it is that you are looking for. We write all code that goes into our design creations by hand, create our own java scripts, css stylesheets, php form scripts, graphic designs, & we are also very well versed in organic SEO (search engine optimation) as well. Most of our clients are ranked on page 1 of Google for their specific keyword search terms! We do it all!

We stand out because we offer very affordable prices, tons of experience, one-on-one customer service, & amazing designs that make you say "WOW"!! We are very professional, decrete, & attentive to all of our client's needs... big or small. We are confident you'll love our services, experience, and customer service!

little title flower Q: Can Consultants with Corporate Websites Promote Their Sites Too?
A: Whether you can participate in the ALL of the web forms of promotional tips depends solely on which kind of website you have. Please read my article, "Ways Consultants With Corporate Websites Can Promote Too" to find out more!

little title flower Q: Are the forms you create secure? If so, how are they secured?
A: Yes, the forms we create a VERY secure! We add triple securityin each and every one of our forms.

1st - Our form scripts double check and verifies to make sure all *required fields are filled in.

2nd - Each script has a set of php required checks to be sure that select *required fields are filled in. This is a security measure we added in case java is ever turned off in the browsers by spammers (it’s possible).

3rd - We add our personally created (copyrighted) “captcha like” system where your form can not be submitted unless they fill in the field requiring the captcha image wording. You can’t get past our “captcha” system. There is no way to trick the script and just type in anything you want. The captcha script knows what the letters are in that image and if you don’t type those letters in the script will keep asking for a valid code.

No spam bot can send any of our forms. None. They simply aren’t allowed. It takes a “live person” to actually fill in all of the *required fields... and then click send to actually activate any form we create.

None of the online forms that many others use on their website have this kind of security.

little title flower Q: What's LinkedIn? Should I use that for my business?
A: YES! Every business should have a LinkedIn account! LinkedIn is a great way to establish validity in your business. Many companies will now 'check you out' on Facebook and LinkedIn before agreeing to do business with you. Wouldn't we all love to get our products noticed by national retailers? LinkedIn is a great way to find that company and reach out to them. There is also an opportunity to post references for people you have worked with and vice versa. It's an important promotional tool for your business.
CLICK HERE To Create Your LinkedIn Account!

little title flower Q: How can I get FREE or low-cost advertising for my business so that I can promote it?
A: There are so many ways to promote your business website! It takes alot of time... but it will bring you success. Please read my article, "Top 20 Ways To Promote Your Website" to find out more!

little title flower Q: What are link exchanges, one way links, or relevent links?
A: One of the most important factors in search engine ranking placement is link building. It's crusial to the placement of your site in the search engines! Please read my article, "Why Link Exchanges Are So Important" to find out more!

little title flower Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Please feel free to read our privacy policy here!

little title flower Q: What are your terms of use & policies?
A: Please feel free to read our terms of use and policies here!

little title flower Q: What does "custom designed" mean??
A: The term "custom designed" means that you will get a ONE OF A KIND design that is created just for you with your specific wants & needs in mind! I will do everything I can to take all of your website wants and needs and put them all together to make your dream website a reality! I believe that you deserve to have your own unique design rather then have the same old design as everyone else. I believe you deserve a design that reflects your personality... who you are... & your product wisely.

little title flower Q: Can I offer discount coupon codes on my website?
A: Yes! Offering discount coupon codes to your customers is a great way to not only get a new customer to come and purchase... but also to get previous customers to come back and purchase from you! Offering a discount coupon code is a GREAT promotional tool for your business! I recommend anyone that has an ecommerce website (product selling website) offer discount coupon codes! It's a VERY enticing & SAVVY way to get people to purchase from your site!

little title flower Q: Will you work on my website even though I use a site builder?
A: I don't currently work on websites already created with site builders. I don't use site builders. I design and code by hand to create all of the design templates, menus, and layouts that you see on My Colorful Treasures Web Design & Development. I am a website developer which means I create my client's websites from scratch. I guess you can call me a human site builder! lol! : ) There are alot of issues with site builders but I won't go into what they are. If you are interested in knowing what the issues are, please refer to my article titled, "Old Fashioned Coding vs. Site Builders".

If you would like us to custom designed website and maintain it for you... please contact us!

little title flower Q: What are the "links" and "link to us" pages used for?
A: Link and link to us pages are included in our packages because they are VERY important pages to have. That is why we don't offer for you to trade them for a product page or informational page.

Exchanging links is an important part of SEO. Search engine spiders look for link popularity (lots of link exchanges) on you website so it's going to be important for you to participate in link exchanges.

Your link exchanges will go on your links page! Having a links page is a GREAT way to keep all links in one easy to find organized place which will make it easy for search engines to find!

Your link to us page will have an advertising banner and square button that we will create for you as well as boxes with the link exchange coding in them! We offer this page for our clients because most of them do not know any coding. The link to us page makes it easy for you the client... and those who want to exchange links with you because all they have to do is go to your link to us page... copy the coding provided for them... and then paste that code in their websites. It's as easy as that.

little title flower Q: I am a Scentsy Consultant. Does Scentsy need to approve my new website?
A: Yes, once your website creation is complete... Scentsy Consultants are required by Scentsy to register their website for approval ( When you receive your approval graphic...... I will place it on your website for you for free. : )

little title flower Q: I have seen websites with blogs in them! Is this something I should have?
A: No! A blog is something you definitely do not want integrated into your website. Websites naturally carry more weight in the search engines then blogs do. Because websites carry a heavier weight in the search engines integrating a blog into your website would basically cause the search engines to demote your website or rank you lower. I don't integrate blogs with the websites I create for my clients for that reason! Please don't get me wrong... blogs are terrific! I love mine, but I would never... make it part of my website.

little title flower Q: Should I list my small business in Google Maps/Local Business Center?
A: Yes! Google Maps/Local Business Center is something every business owner should check into! It’s a good way to get extra business promotion through the Google search engine system! It’s easy.... it’s good for your business.... you can do it for yourself... and best of all... it’s FREE! Many people send out emails offering to create this service for you through Google Maps/Local Business Center for a price... but it’s something YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF. It’s as easy as filling out a form and clicking submit. It’s that easy! No one should get paid for something so simple... that Google offers for free. DO IT FOR YOU! Want to sign up? Here's the link:

**PLEASE NOTE** - To sign up for Goggle Maps/Local Business Center you have to be willing to put your house number, street address, city, state, and phone number into the free business listing. I mention this because many people are uncomfortable about doing so which is understandable do to privacy.

little title flower Q: I see so many businesses have blogs! Should I have a blog for my business too?
A: Yes! Blogs are fabulous promotional tools! You can talk about your latest specials, new products, discounts, contests, sales, & so much more! I could keep naming but I think you get my point!

Blogs are a terrific way to get your personality out into the world so that people see you for the person YOU ARE rather then a tight upper lipped stiff shirt that most quite large companies seem like. I love my blog! There are tons of things you can do with a blog! Blogs are a great extra for any business!

little title flower Q: Which blog type is better... blogger or word press? What's the differences?
A: Blogger - Blogger is FREE and the best blog system available because it's the easiest for someone new at blogging to use! With blogger you can pick from any one of their templates or you can have a custom design created for you! You can have a customized blog design and blogger will still remain to be FREE!

Wordpress - Wordpress is FREE to start as well, but they are the most difficult to learn and navigate through for beginners. With wordpress you have NO CHOICE but to pick one of their templates or the wordpress blog will NO LONGER be FREE because if you want a custom design template created for your wordpress blog you will have to purchase a domain and hosting (that supports Wordpress)!!!

Custom Blogger Design ='s FREE

Custom Wordpress Design ='s $9.99 + $45 (maybe more) per year for domain and hosting

Clearly blogger is the better choice especially when you are talking about ease of use for beginners and blogger ALWAYS remains free no matter if you use one of their templates or have a custom design created.

If you want to create a blog through blogger... here is the link:

little title flower Q: How do I choose the best domain name for my business?
A: Choosing a domain name is one of the first and most important steps when creating an online business website. Here are some tips and guidelines for choosing the best domain name for your business...

Choose the shortest domain possible. Short domain names are easier to remember and easier to type. Our domain (My Colorful Treasures Web Design) is rather long, and ideally it would be much shorter; however, I had a jewelry business before web design and I spent years branding myself to our biz name... so I choose to keep it. If the domain name you want is taken, sometimes you just have to make do. Do your best to keep your potential customer in mind and make it as easy for them as possible to get to your website.

Avoid choosing a domain name that has a hyphen within it. Let's face it... people find having to type hyphens to be extremely annoying. Also, since most domains do not have hyphens, it can be confusing. Most people won’t think to include a hyphen when they’re typing, so avoid them if you can.

Use keywords in your domain name, if possible. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! Making sure that you add your keywords into your domain name... gives you a better chance of being found in the search engines for the products you offer. Being found in the search engines for the name of your business, city and state of your business, and some of the products you offer is the ultimate goal... right? Use keywords!

Choosing a domain name with the .com ending. The .com ending is generally the most desired and the most commonly used domain form. But if the .com domain you want is not available, avoid choosing a variant of that domain like .net or .biz etc. Most people will type .com when searching for a website, which means you are going to probably lose traffic to the .com version of your desired domain, and that’s not something you want to do. Another risk is that the owner of the .com domain has most likely trademarked their domain which means you are risking legal consequences by using that domain, regardless of it's ending. You also then risking chance of having to close your website that you have built from ground up... simply because the owner of the .com version of your domain trademarked their domain.

Protect your domain identity by purchasing multiple versions of it. This is something I tell all of my clients about! A lot of website owners (including myself) purchase the .com of their domain and they also purchase the .net, .biz, .info, .org, etc, as a means of protecting their domain identity. If you can afford to do this... I recommend it as it helps prevent other people from using a similar domain to offer similar content.

little title flower Q: Does clicking on my website in search engines hurt my ranking?
A: No, it doesn't hurt... it actually helps it! Click on your site. Have friends/family do this same search and ask them to click on your site. It only takes a minute so do it as often as you can. That tells Google “I found what I want” and if we make Google think several people found what they wanted, then your site will keep coming up! And, it will help your site come up under the other main search tags designed for your site too.

little title flower Q: How will my website be customized for me?
A: Every part of your website will be custom created for you by us with your specific needs & wants in mind! We will custom design your website graphics, your header/logo, your menu, & your design template structure/layout for you! You have the freedom to choose your own fonts, color scheme, layout, menu style, background, etc! We aim very high to please our clients!

little title flower Q: How long does it take to get a website up & running?
A: Our website creation time is estimated at 2 - 4 weeks depending on how quickly the information needed to create the website is provided to us and our work load. Please understand turnaround times are just estimates. Timing will depend on your communication, our workload, how soon you provide the required information that we need, and the number of revisions you request for your design. Sometimes projects are completed sooner... sometimes it's later when our client's don't provide us the information we need and we are left to wait. We often have several client sites we are working on all at one time which includes new client custom creations! Please be assured, we split our time fairly so that we can provide all of our clients quality dependable services! Your happiness and satisfaction is very important to us!

Due to the high demand of our services we have to complete work for all of our clients on a first come first serve basis. Please understand that we must spread out our time fairly between ALL of our clients equally.

little title flower Q: Once my website has been created, will you maintain it for me?
A: We not only will create the website for you, but we will also maintain your website for you as well! After your website is completed, we charge $25 per hour for any changes or maintenance to the website. Changes or maintenance includes, but is not limited to adding a category link to a page, page content, store name or slogan changes, a page or form addition, graphic changes, image sizing, adding or changing a product description, product price, or picture, Organic SEO changes needed, etc. If you don't request us to make changes to your website, then you will not be charged for us to maintain your website for you!

Our Motto - There is no minimum and if it takes more time to record it for
billing than it does to make the revision, we just don't bother billing it!

little title flower Q: Do you offer flash designed websites?
A: We offer flash graphics for those clients who want them; however, we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT offer flash designed websites and we DO NOT recommend them either! Flash designed websites may look really cool & super fancy, but in all honesty it truly isn't. It's horrible for Organic SEO (search engine optimation) and it's annoying to those who do not have high speed internet! Please keep in mind that there are still millions of people who still use dial-up and Flash designed websites can literally take HOURS to load for dial-up users. Please remember... you are creating your website for potential clients - not for yourself. Having flash graphics is perfectly fine, but having a flash website will only delay your customer from browsing your website which will ultimately result in less customers & less sales!

little title flower Q: What is the difference between static and animated graphics?
A: A static graphic is a non-moving graphic which means that it does not flash and you can place only a small amount of text or graphics on it. An animated graphic is a flashing or blinking graphic that you can place a large amount of information on it, but please remember the more information you add to your animated graphic the longer it will take to load... so be careful not to over load your animated graphic!

little title flower Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes, we offer payment plans to those who can not afford the entire cost of a website package upfront! You would need to pay 50% down and then pay payments until the remaining balance is paid in full! The final payment is expected before the website can go "LIVE". Please contact us to make arrangements!

little title flower Q: Can I add additional pages or forms later?
A: Yes, you are always welcome to add to your website anytime you like. You can add additional product selling pages or informational pages at our hourly maintenance rate of $25.

If you would like to add a form (where a user can fill in their information & it is sent directly to you) added to your website, the cost is $25 per form. Please understand these are no ordinary plain forms. We do not get free forms and then place them on your website. We actually custom create all forms with our own two hands. These are custom created forms run by PHP custom created scripts... all embedded in a html page.

These are very technical scripts that take time to create and place. All forms come with a security script that is similar to captcha that we created specially for our clients that will not allow spam bots to enter anything into the fields of the form and send it to you. ***Please note that this form price does not include placing it on your website. Placing a form on a website is charged at my hourly maintainence rate of $25.

little title flower Q: I have a complicated site and I used more time than my base package price allows.
A: If the amount of work involved on any service you purchase exceeds the specified amount of time allotted on your design package due to the complexity of the website or multiple requests for changes to the graphics or site, any extra time will be billed to you at our hourly maintenance rate of $25! We reserve the right to say when you have exhausted our services in which you paid for, so please stay within reason.

little title flower Q: How will you bill me for revisions to my website?
A: Once the requested maintenance to your website has been completed, we will invoice you for our time & services through PayPal. If a change to your website takes 5 minutes, that is exactly what you'll get charged.

All clients are required to pay for any maintenance to their sites upon receiving an invoice for the completed requested revisions. If payment for the requested revisions is not received within two weeks from the date of the invoice, we reserve the right to shut down the site for non-payment. Once a site is shut down, the owner will be required to pay a $50 shut down fee plus the over due invoiced payment amount in order to get their site re-instated.

little title flower Q: What's the cost to add link exchanges or top 100 banners to my website?
A: Adding other business's or top 100 banners or links = $2.50 per link.
Removing other business's or top 100 banners or links = FREE.

little title flower Q: How do I get content added to my website pages?
A: Please note that we DO NOT supply any website page content for you. You must supply all of the content that you have on your pages! A website is a side entity of who you are! It's very important for your website pages to have your views and personality in them! Your website is a gateway to all of the people you have not yet met! It would be unethical for us to supply your website page content because we would be placing our views & personality into your pages! We go by a very strong code of ethics!! Do not worry, if you get stuck or do not know what to do, we will be here to help you through the entire website creation process!

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